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Meet Canadian electropop artist, DJ, producer and songwriter Velvet Code.


While popular influences such as Depeche Mode, Imagine Dragons can be heard in the Velvet Code sound, his infectious lyrics and electric live performances are what separates him from the crowd. Inspirations such as Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga are easily seen in his energetic live act.



When Velvet Code was created in NYC in the summer of 2007, he quickly gained notoriety by touring with Mindless Self Indulgence. Legendary Producer Mark Saunders (Shiny Toy Guns, Erasure, The Cure) produced his the synth-infused pop debut album Black.Blue.Blind. which quickly garnering accolades from the likes of Perez Hilton, Pop Justice, Arjan Writes, EQ Music, Dancing Astronaut, Hit The Floor and hundreds of other notable music blogs and podcasts around the world. In 2009, Velvet received the plaudit of “Dance/Electronica – Song of the Year” at The 8th Annual Independent Music Awards for the song “Say You Love Me.”


Velvet Code relocated to London where he released “Get Outta My House” in 2013 which appeared on the Billboard Dance Music Charts for 15 weeks and peaked at #19. The single also spent 10 weeks on the UK Music Week Upfront Club Charts where it peaked at #3.


After spending the last few years focusing on writing and producing for major and emerging artists, Velvet Code returned to the studio in 2018 with Wendy Starland (discovered and developed Lady Gaga) and have collaborated on his sophomore album. The first single from this album, “Break The Silence” is a confident follow-up to “Say You Love Me” that packs bark and bite in equal measure, with driving beats and a refrain that is undeniably satisfying when sang aloud.

“Break The Silence” will be released this summer.

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It all started when...

It was a dark and dreary day in New York City in 2005, when Wendy Starland met up with Velvet, a new budding singer from Toronto Canada. Velvet had just had his heart broken by a dancer who, the previous night had used those three words we all want to hear when we’re with someone special. Despite how hard it was to talk about this, Velvet wanted to use the writing session as therapy, and so they began to write. This is how “Say You Love Me” was formed. “Say You Love Me” was his first single from “Black. Blue. Blind.” 


Listen to the album here, on Itunes or on DEEZER.




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