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Velvet Code's "Dreamer" Album Release Date and New Record Deal via AMG/Sony Music Entertainment

Canadian Electro-Pop artist, DJ, and Producer Velvet Code has announced the release of his upcoming sophomore album, Dreamer, set to launch on May 20 2019. via AMG/Sony Music Entertainment. The first single off of the album “Break The Silence” has received over 1.5 million plays worldwide.

This summer, Velvet Code will embark on a national and international Pride Festival tour, with additional tour dates to be announced this fall.

The second studio album for Velvet Code features nine tracks and was recorded in Toronto, Canada, with additional production taking place in New York City and Los Angeles. Velvet Code collaborated with Wendy Starland (Lady Gaga) on the upcoming release, which was produced by Velvet Code, and with production contributions by Gavin Bradley, Joe Laporta (Sterling Sound NYC), Rob Bryton, Robi Banerji and Scott Kelly (Westlake Studios). 

Velvet Code’s first single off of Dreamer, “Break The Silence”, talks about destigmatizing the conversation about mental health, and was inspired by Velvet Code’s own experience with anxiety.

With musical influences from Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Robyn, and Muse, the album honours the classic Velvet Code sound – electronic dance music with a modern take on 80’s influences, and additional musical influences coming from multiple different genres including electropop, trance, EDM and house.

The album, written in dedication to the artists’ father who passed away from pancreatic cancer last year, is a collection of stories from Velvet Code’s own life experiences, written with the aim of inspiring hope in today’s political climate. Velvet Code hopes that despite any struggle’s listeners may be going through, the collection of songs on “Dreamer” will serve as a reminder that their dreams are still alive and waiting for them.


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Gavin Bradley is an award winning Canadian Songwriter and Producer based in Toronto, and who has worked with Nelly Furtado, Tori Amos and Velvet Code himself. This is a reunion of sorts for Velvet, as it has been over 12 years since they have collaborated on material. 

"I'm extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Gavin again, as it is an opportunity for us to sit together in the studio and truly collaborate," says Mr. Code. "I look forward to hearing what comes of our work together after all these years. Truly a magical opportunity!"

Velvet Code's debut single, "Break The Silence" is set for worldwide release on Kobalt/AWAL later this summer.